Monday, April 16, 2012

frogged yet again..

 For some reason I have been starting lots of projects, not liking them and frogging them to start something new. Who knows.. anyway I started to crochet a top and realized I would be very close to not having enough yarn for the project, then discovered this very easy knit top in the same style and decided to make that instead. I actually knit it on my knitting machine in an afternoon and then sewed up the seams the next day. TaDa!! I actually finished something. Well it turned out like I thought it would but it is a tad big for me. Yes it is supposed to be over sized but it's a little over over sized on my petite body. I used Lion brand Recycled Cotton and the pattern is Linen top by Kat Coyle. I love this pattern because it is so simple and wearable plus no fitting good for a beginner. I think I will make it again in a lighter yarn when I get a chance to go to a yarn shop. Something summery I think.

 This is part of what I do at work... picking up shoes and trying to keep the store pretty and clean for the next day shoppers..


Bonnie said...

I like that pattern! It's going in my queue. Too bad it came out too big - but it was fast, so you can easily make another!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

I like this pattern too. It's very simple. Even though it's big I will probably wear it a lot.