Wednesday, April 04, 2012


 Last night I went to my knitting group right after work. It was a busy day both yesterday day and today. We have a new district manager and she has been visiting our store the last 2 days. So that means lots of cleaning and making stuff just right. It was nice to sit and knit with the ladys last night. One of my friends travels a lot and she brought me back a beautifull skein of Rasta from her last trip!! I have been admiring rasta on ravelry for a while and the cozy projects that people have made with it. So I have my first skein of RAsta now! Thank you so much Debra.. I don't know what I did to deserve such a gift.. Now I have to decide what to make with it..
Having our knitting group at a book store has benefits like the two in the picture above. Sooner or later some good knitting/ crochet books will go on sale. I have been wanting a book of crochet stitches for a while. I have a small mon tricot crochet magazine with some stitches but I seem to always be looking for more to add as edgings and such. This Super stitches Crochet was on sale for $5.97 and I couldn't pass that up. As far as the sock book.. I looked at that about a year ago and wanted to buy it then  but didn't because of the price. It is now on sale for $7.97 and thank goodness there was a few copies. I can't wait to make the little penguin socks. They are so cute. It was a night full of wonderful things. To add to that, I recently purchased a new kitchen set that if all goes well I should be getting tomorrow. I really needed to replace the old kitchen dinning set a few years ago. So this is way over due. Yes there will be some pictures soon.. (^_^)


Amanda said...

I adore Rasta. It's becoming one of my favorite yarns. It's so soft and warm, works up quickly, and the colors are so gorgeous.

A good 1-skein Rasta project is that Marian cowl. I've made a few and it shows off the Rasta so well. Another gorgeous pattern made with Rasta, is that Ovate wrap. Gotta love lace in bulky yarn. But with Ovate pattern, there are 2 sizes, depending on the amount of Rasta you have. A small lace capelet can be made with just one skein of Rasta.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

OOO thanks Amanda.. I will have to check out all the Rasta projects on ravelry now!!