Thursday, February 08, 2007

bAbiEs iN tHe HoUsE*+*

So many days and no posting... 0.0... I have been doing a bit of knitting.. not much progress on my scarf/shawl as u can see.. although what I have knit has been fun..

and.. there are babies in the house..!!! Little Jayden is now 13 lbs.. cute as ever..

Little Abby is visiting and taking a nap right now.. she is a very busy little girl..

here is the frothy lacy shawl that the "guy knitter" has completed.. now it's my turn to add the crochet ruffle on each end.. one side is done and I'm half way through the other side..we kind of winged this and quest-a-mated the whole thing..made it up as we went.. hopefully it will be lovely when finished... which has to be tonight so that it can be blocked overnight and ready for tomorrow.. so much stress.. !!

I finished a pair of cabled wrist warmers being modeled by lil Abby.. see she likes them..the pattern I used is from this knit-a-long... very easy peasy .. (^_^)


Jerry Tjiputra said...

lil Abby is so cute!
And baby Jayden grows so big and healthy now.
I lo ve scarf/shawl color, great job as usual

Marly said...

Hey, you should think about joining the Pea Pod KAL. Just a thought since you have the baby and all. Love the gloves and the model is too cute!