Saturday, February 03, 2007

~*LaCe & mOhAiR*~

As u can see .. we are prepping another room for tile.. there was an extremely old ugly moss green run in there 2 days ago.. projects like this tend to slow down ones knitting progress.. but it has to be done.. a little more sanding and some wood sealer and we should be ready to put down some tile by tomorrow.. most of the work is cleaning up dust from sanding.. eww..

this is my WIP.... the pattern is from Victorian lace's the first and easiest project in the book.. It doesn't even have a name... just Scarf or shawl.. the description says "extremely simple"
and its done in faggoting.. the basis of all lace knitting. I have to say it is very easy except that the yarn is so fine which makes it hard to handle and in the areas where it changes to the lightest shade it's hard to see the stitches especially with the mohair fuzz.. so knitting is slow and very careful.. it's very easy to grab 2 stitches instead of one. The yarn is.. Feza kid mohair... this is the second time I use this yarn.. this past spring I had crocheted a shawl with it and it turned out beautiful..If u want to see it.. look in the may and june archive.

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