Monday, February 26, 2007

I finally finished this skein of gray superwash merino that's been on the spool of my spinning wheel forever... 236 yards of a medium or worsted weight I have to think of a nice project to make with it.. probably something for a guy.. (^_^) .. and there is a lot more of this fleece to spin up.. probably enough for a sweater...

this morning I worked on putting finishing touches on my projects.. I sewed the buttons on my ubernatural pattern by Stefanie Japel... I couldn't find 9 buttons large enough so decided to buy some wood discs and drill holes in them and paint them black.. I did that yesterday..I like how they turned out and they are light so they don't weigh down the front of the sweater.. I used 3 strands of patons classic wool merino held together on a size 17 needle.. which made the sweater soft and spongy feeling... a good way to use up extra yarn.. it fits nice too.. I would make this again..

a weird view of my finished lace tank top.. I used ribbon instead of the crochet ties used in the pattern.. I like it better...I didn't think that the little crochet chain would feel very comfortable around my neck after an hour or so..

when I woke up this morning I noticed this sooty black mark on the rug that no one in the house has any idea how it got there... hummm.. I vacuumed the loose particles up but there is still a black mysterious smudge.. well guess I'll go shampoo the rug now..


Brena said...

Creative button making!

You know, I didn't like that lace tank when I saw it in the magazine, but on you it looks fabulous. Maybe everything just looks fabulous on you? I'm beginning to think that's the case. ;)

Jerry Tjiputra said...

Ooohhh...the lace tank looks really good on you.
i like yours better than the one on the mag.

Faith! said...

I agree- didn't like the tank in the magazine, but am giving it second thoughts now. What a great job!