Monday, February 12, 2007

Sooooo many yarns... I'm trying to organize my work space a bit.. but there is a whole basket of homespun yarn and I'm not sure what to do with it.. some silk ... some merino.. some a mixture..

the other basket has lots of mohair lace weight yarn.. 0.0.. some noro and lots of SWS.... I see lots of stash knitting in my future.. sadly there is more yarn here than I thought..

on a different note.. Nicole has tagged me for 5 Things Previously Unrevealed! .. and this is what I have to do

Get tagged

List five things that have not been revealed on your blog
Tag five other people
( I don't know about the 5 other people... most of the people I would tag have already been tagged...if I tag them again does it count???)

Well here goes..
5 Things Previously Unrevealed!

1. I'm 4' 11" in height.. and most of the time under 100 lbs.. which means I have to find small clothes.. and sometimes I buy kiddy clothes.. 0.0

2. I'm not married but I'm in a long term relationship.. my bf is drummer in a band which is working on their first recorded album.. so exciting!!

3. I luv big chunky shoes.. preferably platforms... (maybe being so petite has something to do with that)

4.I don't like going to the movies and sitting near lots of people I don't know.. it creeps me out..
(one of the last times I went to the movies some little kids that were sitting in front of us were eating hot dogs and nachos .. then farted through the rest of the movie.. ew.. pewy)

5. A few years back... I skated for a show on TV called Rollerjam.... that was great fun..!!

I tag...amanda ... laurie ... jody...
KattyKatFlash... man everyone else has been tagged. so I tagged 4..

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Brena said...

Ew!!!!!!!! Smelly movies. :(