Wednesday, February 14, 2007

riPpLe ...RiPpLe

I've been working little samples of ripple or wave stitch with wilton/kool aid dyed yarn.. there are lots of variations.. I'm still working little samples up for the perfect one..0.0.. this will become a striped scarf...probably out of SWS by patons yarns.

yes.. another pair of cabled fingerless gloves.. for these I'm using noro silk garden color 249.. then some time in the future I wanted to knit another lacy scarf/shawl with this pretty soft yellow mohair.. I don't usually buy yellow yarn except maybe for baby projects.. but it was just so different and pretty.. it called out to me.. buy me .. buy me.. see.. I'm different.. !!!
well this lovely yarn is sitting in the basket until.......>

until... this boo boo is fixed.. it happened right at the knit 2 tog.. one stitch wasn't knit and started to drop down.. and with mohair I didn't catch it until a few rows later and then I had to rescue it and temporarily crochet it up.. I'm thinking of ripping out 4 rows to fix it..
*note to self.. double check fine little mohair stitches after every row :(


KnitChick said...

Tag that a reminder that I need to update my blog? :)

Ilix said...

Have you been freezing the mohair, I hear that it makes it easier to pull out! less hair issues! It looks like it will be beautiful!

knitseashore said...

What is that pretty mohair at the end of your post (the one with the mistake)? Mistake or no, it's beautiful. Is it a shawl?

Marly said...

You always make such wonderful things.