Monday, February 19, 2007

some one is happy and warm in a cute knit hat..(^_^)

THis week end I was working on my scarf/shawl and another set of cable wrist warmers... I really like how they turned out even though they look totally different. .. and both are from the same skein of noro silk garden... I might have to get another ball of the same color and make a second set.. so I will have 2 matching pairs.

I wanted to finish them so I could start this... I'm using stash yarn that has to be 100 years old.. but still nice..both are 100% cotton and I'm using one strand of each together... My math tells me I will have more than enough to finish.. we will see.. more on this later.. I'm obsessed with this project right now.. in a knitting frenzy..!!!.. I'm going to walk my dog and get some fresh air .. then back to knitting.. (^_^)*+*+


Debby said...

Pretty pink scallops!

Courtney said...

That is really very lovely, good job!