Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

My current project... I'm addicted and just had to make one more pair of toe up socks.. The yarn is patterning differently on each sock even though I rewound the yarn and cut off a small part to where I thought was the same color striping on each one.. well it wasn't...but I still like them... This yarn came from 2 different sources .... 2 different people had one ball or part of a ball left over and gave it to me without labels .. they probably aren't even the same dye lots.. but I still like these socks... On this pair I'm probably going to do the afterthought heal just because I haven't done that heal yet.. and of course I will take a picture.. I'm actually a little farther along than when I took this picture... I'm still working on my shawl.. a couple pattern repeats a day... little by little.. it's adding up.

Happy Easter to you all.. have a wonderful holiday.. ( This is my first Easter wreath.. I really don't think I would have made a wreath for Easter if I didn't work at Michaels.. all the supplies right at my finger tips.. hey.. I don't even have to make a special trip there.. so convenient.)

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