Saturday, March 01, 2008

socks and more socks

My 2 toe up socks are coming along... I've never knit socks from the toe up and I'm not too sure where to begin the heal.. this looks about right to me... so I'm going to plunge ahead and start the heal.. I have the option of and after thought heal or short row heal.. so many choices.. not sure with one I will end up doing.. I needed the recipients foot for sizing.. so while I was waiting..

I casted on the Annetrelac socks from Interweave knits Holiday Gifts 2007.. These have been on my to knit list for a while and I finally decided on the yarn I would use for them.. I ended up picking Schaefer yarn company's Anne.. This was a gift from Eve.... well .. who knew this yarn was going to be so soft.. with a little bit of soft fluff to it.. Thanks Eve!!

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