Monday, March 17, 2008

sPriNg iS CoMinG..!!

Spring is around the corner.. and ... I felt like making some happy stitch markers for the occasion.... happy stitch markers for happy knitting and or crochet..

Guess what this is..!!!... did I really need to start another project... NO.. but I did it anyway.. I'm on the home stretch of this project already and hope to finish it up in the next couple of days..
There have been some froggings also... 0.0... I decided that... with the purchase of my new knitpicks circular needles and noro kureyon sock yarn.... that I would like to make the Annetrelac socks with the kureyon sock yarn on my new size 1 needle.. so.. I frogged the Annetrelac sock.. I also ripped back part of the hooded baby cape to adjust to a larger needle.. I work on the baby hooded cape a little every day.. very little .. but every little bit counts... right?

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