Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it feels like spring

Spring is on the way....and it makes me want to do some knitting spring cleaning.. So I've been working on 2 older projects that have been sitting around and I plan to finish both of these probably by next week if I can... I've been cleaning up some areas of my house too.. one was my plant window.. there were some... umm.. dead plants and dusty items that I got rid off and replace them with some new plants and a cute little bird's nest from Michaels.

Here is another view of my toe up socks..(pointy toe socks) I think he likes them... I actually think they almost took the same amount of time as making one sock.. don't ask me how.. and now I can't wait to make more.. the hunt for the right size needles has led me to order some from Knit Picks.. they have the really long circular needles in size one and two... but they wont be here for a week ... so......

I'm taking on this pile of knitting and cleaning up my knitting wips.. this consists of ... the Highlands Zip mens sweater from Knitscene magazine.. fall 2007, the large rectangle shawl with center diamond pattern from the book Victorian Lace Today.. and the Annetrelac socks from IK Holiday gifts 2007.. I might frogged these socks and start them over on the new size one needles that should be arriving soon... and besides all that.. I'm still working on the crochet hooded baby cape... good thing tonight is NYGK group... hopefully my fingers will be flying along.. (^_^)

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