Friday, March 07, 2008

hApPy.. noT hApPy.. hApPy

Yes.. I'm still here.. yes.. I'm still working on projects.. and starting new projects.... remember the baby yarn I bought the other day.. well.. I just couldn't wait to start my project.. It's a vintage baby hooded cape.. I made this many many years ago for a friend of my mother who was having a baby.. it was actually the very first garment that I crocheted.. and now ... many years later.. I'm making it again.. and it looks like it will be just as pretty and so soft.. this yarn is super soft.

I'm not very happy with my annetrelac socks.. I think I should have used a size 1 and not a size 2 needle. I tend to knit on the firm side so I chose a size 2 needle.. but I really did need the size one for this.. the other problem was the first 3 pattern rows I was knitting backward instead of purling and my stitches are looser and some are bigger.. that makes me unhappy.. but thinking all will get better ...I knit on... I decide to just knit the knit parts and turn my work and purl the purl parts.. which is looking nicer.. so now.. I have to decide .. should I frog the whole thing.. get a size 1 needle and start again.. or just frog the whole thing and used a different yarn and a size 1 needle and start again.. or just keep going in hopes that when it's finished you wont see the looser stitches... ( sad face)

and yes... my first toe up two at a time socks are just about finished.. the soon to be owner tried them on and they fit just right.. I'm not sure about the ribbing though.. I might rib a few more rows.. I let these rest for a day while I decide on more ribbing or no more ribbing..

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inkberryblue said...

You are so industrious! Lovely work. =]