Wednesday, September 03, 2008

daily progress...

I haven't done much knitting in the last few days.. just on my breaks at work. I did finished the crochet border on the baby blanket and started some matching baby socks.. you can see the progress in the picture.. I think I might add a little crochet trim on the edge of the socks also..
Last night was the second INOKissimmee knitting group meeting. We had a nice turn out of 6 ladys.. I had to work yesterday so Jody and I met at Panara breads after I got out of work for a bite to eat before we went over to Books-A-Millions.. all in all a fun night... Nice thing about meeting in Books-A-Million .. everything you could possibly need is really close.. including Michaels.. if you run out of yarn or want to start a new project.. (^-^)

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