Monday, September 15, 2008

the BlaHs....

Today is one of those kind of blah days... between work and running around to gather wedding decorations, bridal gown fittings and all the other prep work... I'm pooped..!!! Now my table is full of wedding stuff from Michaels.. and for some reason we haven't moved it from there yet.. at least I had a fun day at work yesterday... It was "make it take it" day yesterday at Michaels and I got to do the demos.. I sat at the store entrance and invited people to decorate cookies and make fun greeting cards...I got to play with icing too.. so fun.!!

My knitting has also suffered .. I have been stuck on the same row now for a day.. Jayden keeps running away with my row marker.. so at this point.. who knows which row I'm on. I tried to figure it out last night but I was too tired.. I will try again today... A day of knitting and relaxing is what I need I think.. I need to regroup..!!

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