Thursday, September 25, 2008

mOre WeDdinG stuFf...!!

Well.. we finished the favors.. just about finished the place cards and the guest bowl..(we are having pretty colored cards for the guest to sign and drop in a pretty glass container in stead of a book)

More and more wedding stuff piling up on the dinning room table..

Wooo.. the wedding arch is all put together.. I haven't decorated it yet.. that will have to wait for tomorrow.. I'm going to drape pretty fall color leaf garlands around it and top it off with more of the bridal flowers and some thick white satin ribbon..
Yesterday we picked up the dress.. we were a little disappointed when she first tried on the dress.. It hadn't been cleaned and there was a hole where the zipper is (which wasn't there before) but all was speedily fixed.. it took about a hour to steam clean the dress and the hole was expertly stitched.. unfortunately the dress was hemmed a hair too long.. so the pretty ribbon at the hem pulled under the dress when she walk.. this was also speedily fixedalso.. with the addition of a slip with multiple layers ... all is beautiful now expertly packed in its thick vinyl bag... just waiting for Sunday.... I can't believe how beautiful she looks walking in that dress.. I guess I'll have to hold a box of tissues during the ceremony... (^-^)


Brena said...

You know Martha has a cute little tutorial for tissue packets for weddings (I'm tentatively planning on making a pair for my mother and future mother-in-law) but I'm sure you've got a ton of things to do already!!!!!

I love the guest bowl idea, You guys are going to have such a great time!!! The favors look great!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thanks so much brena..we are down to our last 2 days and seem to have way too much to do!! I will look into the tissue packets hehehe..