Wednesday, September 10, 2008

humm.. a Wedding..!!

Well here it is ... the green nemesis... it's almost finished.. as you can see I haven't sewn the underarm seems... I'm pretty sure when I sew up the seems it will make the shoulder too short and binding in the underarms.. so... I think I will add a little gusset in the underarm to give it a little more room.. I think if I had used the yarn that the pattern called
for it probably would fit better..

There is a wedding in the air...(no.. it's not mine!!)... and I was looking at some wedding garters and didn't really like what I saw.. so I'm going to crochet one.. or attempt to crochet one using this lace edging pattern.. then threading some pretty ribbon through the the top.

We went shopping for the wedding dress yesterday... here is a little of our wedding gown buying experience.. there was literally a sea of white wedding dresses to choose from...all equally as pretty as the next... we went to Davids Bridals and even on a small budget.. we were tended to very well... the bride to be tried on many many dresses.. here are the final few... hummm.. which did she choose.. !!


Brena said...

Yay weddings!!!! Sometimes it's really hard to tell what the dresses will look like all smushed up in those plastic bags!

Knitlover said...

wedding gown....
I still remember the day I tried the gowns in the bridal store... it's so much fun... :)
my dress is still in my closet ! :)