Monday, December 29, 2008

the knit after Christmas... cont...

This is one of the presents I received for Christmas.. it's hand dyed possum lace yarn. I don't think I have every felt anything softer.. so now , of course I have been looking at some patterns that I would like to knit with this ... of which I found many. I did narrow it down to 2 patterns one is Ring of lace.. and the other is Futter Scarf.. I'm kind of leaning towards the flutter scarf but I would like it to be wider rather than longer so I would have to adjust it. I can't really tell if the yarn will knit up in a random multicolor pattern or in strips... probably more of a multicolor pattern.

More quick gifts were finished in the last 2 days. A Grr washcloth from knitty. This was super fun to knit.. just a bit time consuming..When I have more time I would like to make somemore. I think they would make nice baby wash clothes in baby colors... along side the grr is a mug cozy from Debbie Bliss knitting magazine and some dish scrubbies.. Below are some wool place mats. They all knit up pretty fast and look kind of festive to me. Now I just have to pack it all up and mail it out.. 0.0

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Bonnie said...

Those are lovely gifts in great color. The possum lace yarn looks yummy. Looks like it will make a cozy and beautiful scarf!