Thursday, December 11, 2008

a white Christmas...0.0

Not much knitting going on here atm..I did a little tree decorating.. white and silver is the theme this year.. Michaels craft store is having a big Christmas blow out sale.. I think they will sell out of all the Christmas inventory before December 24th... I mean stuff is dirt cheap and flying out the door.

This is the about all the knitting I have gotten done this week.. Most of it on my breaks at work and a little at home when I had a few moments.. What is it you ask??.. it's a weird kind of man fingerless glove/mitten.. well hopefully it will become that shortly..

I bid on one pound of mill ends on ebay and actually won.. yay!!.. I love the black and white mix.. not sure if I want to blend it or stripe it yet.. I can't think about that until after Christmas... the white fiber has 15% mohair.. I'm excited about spinning this up.. I will have to put it to the side for a bit thought.. I have been wanting some grey fiber.. something nice.. something different. (^_^)

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SylvChezPlum said...

I love that black and white fiber.. Can you share where you got it from ? :-P