Monday, December 22, 2008

last minute..

I gave the mutant gloves a nice washing and they are drying.. I felt I had to wash them because I was sick with the flu when I finished knitting the second one... I don't want to give the flu to my son as part of his Christmas present..

Speaking of the flu.. I still have it.. I still have low energy and stomach pains when I eat.. I have now passed it on to Rudy.. so we are both weak in the knees... I really needed 3 days of bed rest and lots of fluid.. I only got 2 and tried to eat sooner than I was able and ended up not being able to eat at all.. plus working on the 3rd day in a sick kind of stuper... one day off in which I had to do Christmas shopping which consisted of 3 items... We actually went to toys R us yesterday and found what we wanted and paid in less than 30 minutes. I was really impressed as to how fast the line moved..I was also impressed at how nice and friendly and helpful the cashier was.. I would rate them as A+ for my visit yesterday... Good customer service...Then it was off to IKEA for a kiddy easel and paper... it seems we got there right on time.. everyone seemed to be there for the same item.. after 15 minutes there were only 2 easels left.. so there again we picked up the item and left.. there was only one person in front of us in line but that was a little slower and we waited for quite a while... we left finally and picked up some food.. I ate what I could and then.. we picked up a couple books at Borders Books and drove home.. we were in the car longer than in the stores but it was still more than my body wanted to do... anyway with all that sitting in the car I was able to almost finish some toddler mittens to go with the Hello Kitty hat..I'm almost out of the off white and have a full ball of the pink.. so I think I'm going to make little kitty faces on the mittens too..

I want to ask a favor of anyone who reads this blog. 2 days ago my brothers companion and and best friend fell off of a 20 foot ladder and she is now in critical condition. She had to be air lifted to the hospital.. Would you send your prayers and thoughts to them.. Like everyone else these day life has been a bit hard for them lately and now this.. The doctors don't know if she will make it. She has internal injuries and a fractured skull. Thank you..


Bonnie said...

The gloves came out great, and the Hello Kitty hat is adorable!

Hope you feel better soon! And I hope your brother's friend is getting good care and recovers completely from her fall.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thanks so much Bonnie..