Thursday, December 04, 2008

so is the new black!!

I dont know why .. but everything I'm knitting right now is black..!! and I love back knits but black is the only color I don't like knitting with.. I have to have good light or I just can't seem to see what I'm doing. Anyway the first is the Hot rod socks which will be the yearly Christmas socks I knit for my bf ( I don't know if I will even finish them before Christmas).. I'm using Patons Kroy in black and some left over handspun for these on a US size 1 needle. The needles are.. my knit pick fixed circular ... Because of the flame design, I decided to knit one at a time..

This is my chococat hat.. or what I have knit of the chococat hat so far. I'm having a bit of a set back for the eyes.. I tried crocheting them and I didn't really like how they looked so I am going try knitting them this time and see if I like them better.. This was knit with some old Phildar lenox superwash wool on a size 8 circular... and I'm using what ever I can find in the stash for the ears, eyes and nose.
I don't know when I will get to blog next.. I'm trying to fit it in here and there.. I don't have a day off for a while.. so when ever I have a free moment of time I'll squeese in some blogging and knitting... (^_^)

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