Sunday, December 28, 2008

the knit after Christmas...

The knit after Christmas and all throught house
needles were clicking
and it wasn't a mouse,
all the present were opened,
and I still sit in my chair,
hoping that completion would soon be there.. ..

Yes I'm sorry to say that I'm still knitting Christmas presents. Working 2 retail jobs during the Christmas season and getting the flu really cut into my knitting time. Even though I'm behind and presents will be late...I feel good today .. I finally finished one project that just needed a little embellishing and made some progress on my flame socks. I was so tired when I started the socks that I was trying to read the graft upside down and kept making mistakes and ripped them out about 3 times.. I put them to the side for a bit and realized what I was doing and ripped them out yet again and fixed the problem and finally made some progress.. having no budget for more yarn I'm using yarn from my stash for the fire colors. I am actually using my handspun hand dyed yarn that I used for my zig zag socks and it just so happened that there is a good amount of yellow and orange left over. I didn't have any red and bought a rusty striped yarn and didn't know how that would work.. but it looks like logs.. so now it looks like fire burning on logs.. and I'm ok with that.

I finished my hello kitty set finally.. now I can ship them off.. a little late.. it's the thought that counts.. right?

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