Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oooo.. yarn..

First I want to answer Chez Plums question as to where I got this fiber. It's a mill end close out that I purchased it on ebay... here is the link.. I hope is works.. I have purchased with this seller before and she ships out your winnings very fast.

Tonight was our first Christmas yarn exchange at INOKissimmee.. we had decided that it could be new yarn or stash yarn .. this is what I got.. wow.. it's so beautiful..thanks Elaine.. I hope everyone was happy with what they ended up with..!!..

Ok.. here is my current project.. I'm starting to call these the mutant gloves... I followed the pattern exactly and all I can say is that these gloves look weird to me.. They are suppose to be mens convertible mitten gloves.. I finished the glove part and now I'm working on the mitten top..hopefully once that part is finished they will look better..

Not a very good picture of my Christmas stick arrangement.. but its actually pretty.... really..

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Bonnie said...

I like your Christmas stick arrangement! I am curious to see how those convertible glove/mittens turn out. Good luck!