Friday, January 09, 2009

an afternoon of knitting

I had an afternoon of knitting time and this is what came out of it..4th grade #2. I have 4 tiers of entrelac left to knit and they are the smallest ones...only 3 and 2 stitches per block now. It kind of looks like a sunflower..
I work later tonight and plan to stop off at the walmart on the way home to pick up some baby laundry detergent. I have off tomorrow and have big plans for my time. 1st on the list is to take down the Christmas tree .. second is to wash all the baby items I had knit before the holidays and lay them all out to dry.. wrap them up and get them ready to ship out. My daughter is going to have her baby this coming Wednesday. The baby turned breech and she will have to have a c-section. Her original due date was the 19th so this is just a little sooner.. and I'm just behind on everything this year..but hopefully all will be out in the mail by monday.

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