Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm still here..!!

I haven't blogged in a week and quite a lot has gone on in that time... baby Cameron and his mom are now home and doing great.. This past Saturday I attended Distaff Day. I have been wanting to go for a few years now and something has always prevented me from going... This year I was able to attend and was glad I did.. It was a very nice gathering of knitters and spinners from the central Florida area. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. Mary took a few picture and you can see them here..there was so much fiber to see and there and a fabulous show and tell..I'm amazed at the lovely items people knit. I met some very talented ladies.
Next I quickly knit another Chococat hat on my day off just in time for the cold weather we are having right now in Florida..It's so fun to be able to wear my hats and scarfs.. the weirdest thing is that I found my warmest scarf is this very long fun fur/lion boucle'.. hands down this is the warmest scarf ever...

This is rather sad.. I'm still knitting Christmas present..I think I'll just call them winter presents from now on.. I started this silly scarf the other night.. The pattern is from fall 2008... It's called HUG.. so now I can send hugs to my family up north to keep them warm..I might make a couple more of these... and yes.. I am still working on my Flame socks. Last night was our INOKissimmee meeting and I worked on them for a couple of hours amid good conversation, hot coco and lots of chuckles.. I also got inspired to knit a few more baby socks because Becky is knitting up a pile of the cutest baby socks ever..!! I ran home and started digging through my sock yarn..
Chez Plum is whipping up some very pretty fiber and is having a contest.. take a peek!!!

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Bonnie said...

Another Chococat Hat! They are so cute.