Sunday, January 25, 2009

wip.. and a hug

Here is my current wip.. I will probably finished these right after I finish this post..
The pattern is Left over baby socks.. (pdf) by Matthew Hesson-McInnis.. In the directions there are 2 different heals to choose from.. for this pair I choose the short row heal...I twisted the stitches where the pattern said to twist them but I still have a little hole at that point. I wasn't able to see it until I was almost finished... probably because all the stitches were compressed together on the needles.. It's not a bad hole .. I just wish I has realized it was there so I could have fixed it. anyway.. I still like them and they will keep little Cameron's feet warm...For the next pair I'll try the other heal and see if I like that one better.
The yarn is my handspun and dyed sock yarn left over from my zig zag socks... It's so soft and not a bit scratchy.. just perfect for this project..I think I'm going to use the same yarn since they will be different colors.. (^_^)

I Finished my hug scarf a few days ago.. it was late at night so I didn't get to post it..
The Pattern.. Hug..I like it but I think it would be even better with thicker yarn.
Yarn.. Lion wool ease thick and quick which is readly available at my job..

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