Tuesday, January 27, 2009

stash busting..

With the perusal of many patterns yesterday and running back and forth to the mega stash and narrowing my choices down to 3 or 4 sweaters for my next project... I ended up going off in a different direction completely.. I found this giant marigold cone of 100% cotton in the stash and then it just happened... I conveniently had the printed out pattern for the Crocus shawl in my knitting bag.. I grabbed a crochet hook and it was all settled...I worked a few rows and then I couldn't put it down.. so my next project will be the Crocus bud shawl by Valley yarns.. As far as the yarn is concerned.. I have no idea where I even purchased it or when.. but I think it's a gazillion years old.. I do know that I originally purchases it for the knitting machine.. What a waste that would have been.. because the yarn crochets like butter.. I love working with it and can't put it down ( I said that already)..I think if I saw yarn this color in a yarn shop today I would just pass it by.. maybe it was Bonnie's Crocus Bud shawl that made me take a second look at it.. anyway the thick and thin nature of the yarn is giving the shawl a little more texture and that is just fine with me..
There was all sorts of stash busting going on yesterday. I found these half finished X-st pillow cases tucked away somewhere .. I might even work a little on these today too ... hum.. "M" for Mom or maybe my last name... not sure really but it works..

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