Monday, January 12, 2009

hers and his.. his and hers..

I finished the 4th grade beret and found I had a lot of yarn left over.. so I decided to make the his version with the left over colors.. The pattern is Turn a Square by brooklyntweed...This hat will be for my son who also has a brown coat... This hat knits up fast and I'm up to the crown decreases already which makes the knitting go even faster.. I have been knitting for many years on and off and like to learn new techniques and like to find things to knit that I haven't tried knitting before... There were new techniques to learn with both of these hats even though the patterns were pretty simple and easy to knit... On the 4th grade beret .. I learned how to decrease both the width and length of the blocks as I knit to the top of the hat so that the blocks didn't become too long.. On the Turn a Square hat I relearned how to weave in the ends as I I just have to clip the ends off instead of having to weave them all in when the knitting is finished.. I previously saw how to do this but for some reason it didn't stick in my brain.. so I relearned and used the technique for this hat..I also used the jogless stripe technique that I also have known about but haven't used until now... A helpful link.. knitting in ends...

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