Monday, April 13, 2009

bite the bullet..!!

I'm still working on finishing the seams on this sweater. I think this is the worst sweater I have ever knit. That is probably why I'm dragging my feet on getting it finished. I hated working with the yarn and sometimes I was knitting in the dark and the next day I would notice some wierd looking stitches. I did give up on it for a year... felt bad that it was just laying there minus one sleeve and decided to finish it. I find it very hard to work on something that I do not like.. when right next to me I have pretty fiber to spin.. a tote full of yarn and a cute little pattern all ready to go... It's like chewing on nails .. but I continue.. rather slowly.. man I just need to bite the bullet and get done with it..!!

I started out with this roving.. and it ended up as this skein of yarn. When I ordered this roving there was a mix up in the colors .. this color wasn't really what I had ordered.. It had a little red and a different green... so I guess the finished product didn't turn out like I expected either. I really don't know how I feel about the yarn. Anyway it was fun to spin even if I'm not crazy about the color..


Yuliana said...

Gosh! I know what you mean about slogging thru project thay you don't like. I had a project like that using MCY yarn. I hate the yarn, the pattern, everything. But I had to finish it because I have to get rid of the yarn. Anyway, it turned up crappy and the yarn bleeds like crazy, figures. Hope your sweater is a better FO than mine.
Beautiful handspun yarn by the way. Maybe you can swap it, if you don't like it

Michele said...

Thank you.
This handspun is beautiful!