Thursday, April 09, 2009

a day off..!!

Yay I have the day off today. I was supposed to have yesterday off too and I had so many plans. I was going to wrap up all my Easter gifts and have them ready to send out in the mail today. I had planned to finish this sweater that I'm knitting for my son and I'm on the last inch of the collar. There is just the front edging left and the finishing. I was going to do all the laundry yesterday ( because I worked 7 days and just about wore all my clothes).
.. Because I had planned to get all that done yesterday .. I was going to mail out my Easter gifts today.. Well all that didn't happen. Late Tuesday I got a call from a coworker asking if I could cover her shift because her baby sitter was unable to watch her son.. There was no one else that could do it.. so I said yes. It was an early shift so I thought well I can still do all my stuff in the afternoon.. As I was walking out the door ready to head home I checked my phone and my other job had called and left messages.. so I listened and 2 people called out.. there was not one else available to help with closing the store.. so I drove home, ate and ironed my pants and ran out the door to job #2... I guess that was that... So today I basically have to do all the stuffed I planned to do yesterday that I didn't get to do.. and some. So much for sending out the Easter gifts .. doing all the laundry and cleaning up seem to be the order of the day. I'm just about finished with laundry and plan to finish spinning my little sample yarn.. I would like to finish the sweater too. Thats next on the list. Little Abby is having her 3rd birthday in May and I just purchased the cutest pattern for a little sunflower and lady bug knit doll. I can't wait to finish everything up and start making them.

Some fluffy alpaca fleece I'm going to spin up just to get rid of it.. and I just couldn't help spinning some of the fiber I orded from the other day.. I might ply it with a natural color.. I don't know yet..

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