Monday, April 20, 2009

ta daaaa...

A drum roll long last a finished sweater. This sweater has been haunting me for over a year. It was sitting there almost complete except for one sleeve. I just hated the yarn for this and after I had over half of the sweater knit my son pointed out that the sleeves seemed to wide for the fitted body of the sweater. And sure enough they were and are very full. But the sweater is finished now and I'm going to mail it to my son and I hope he will at least wear it to work or something... It is definitely not the prettiest sweater I have ever knit but it's finished.

Another project just 4 rows from completion is this baby sweater that I have been toting around with me every where.. and this too will be finished today..!!

I have just been loving the drop spindle and here is my progress on this fleece. I have one spool finished and the next 1/2 done. That will leave another small ball of roving to spin. I'm using this to practice with. I just purchased a beautiful superwash merino/silk roving that I want to spin next on the spindle. I can't wait..!!

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Nana Mary said...

Congratulations on your perservence. You made the sweater and so you have another gift or something to wear yourself and nothing was wasted. The baby sweater looks great too.

Did you see the neckdown bolero I finished for Alison? I have started one for Emily as well. Will probably work on it in the car on the way to Atlanta.