Thursday, April 02, 2009

a spinning binge !!

OOO dear.. I'm on a spinning binge. With all the knitting projects I'm trying to finish I can't keep my hands off the fiber. On the wheel is the fiber that resembles a skunk. I'm almost ready to ply skein #2. On the red spindle is the wooly mammoth. This is a raw alpaca fleece I got a while back that I wasn't exactly happy with it. It was mostly skirting and it was supposed to be "clean". After much teasing and two washings it still has a traces of veggetable matter and some twigs. The color isn't what I expected either. Well any way.. I'm going to see if I can spin up a few skeins and be done with it... I love the spindle by the way. That makes spinning something I don't really like actually a pleasure. The picture down below is more of the falkland top that I received as a sample... I'm going to have to purchase some of that now. It's gorgeous. It has such a pretty sheen after it's spun...

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