Wednesday, April 22, 2009

surprises from a far..

I have been waiting for some stuff I ordered from and expected that in the mail today.. but I didn't expect this box. It's from my son and was full of Trader Joe's goodies. He sent me shopping bags of all sizes and just a box full of surpises.. All sorts of organic and yummy treats. It was like Christmas here today.

That was the unexpected box and here are the expected items.. First is the beautiful glass flower spindle purchased from Butterflygirldesigns on etsy. Next is this gorgeous Superwash merino / 50% tencel fiber from FatCatKnits on etsy... I'm going to spin this as thin as I can hopefully for socks. I have to see how much spin I can get after I ply it.. if not it will make a nice lace scarf.. either way I'm in spindle/fiber heaven today... and to top that off I have the day which I plan to spin and knit and eat some yummy goodies with some pomegrante white tea.. woo hoo..!!


Bonnie said...

Mmm, what a wonderful box of goodies! I love Trader Joe's. Your son is a sweetie!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

I wish they had Trader Joe's down here. we are sampling all the goodies as we speak.. hehe