Friday, May 29, 2009

I used the sewing machine...

Abby received her sunflower doll and I heard that she liked it..
I'm still working on the shawl and the socks daily and I pick up the spindle at least once a day. Everything is as normal. The weekend is here and so is work so knitting time is a little less but I seem to be moving right a long on all the projects.

Mary asked where I got the pattern for the 2 summer sundress. It's a free ravelry download. I attached the knitted bodice to the skirt with a sewing machine and it was pretty easy. Easier than I thought it would be to sew hand knits to cloth. I have done this before but by hand because I thought that the sewing machine would stretch out the knitting. But it didn't and worked out well. Any way she gives the full directions in the pattern for both the knitting and sewing parts. (^_^)


Brena said...

Great doll! Abby is such a cutie and I love the dress she has on, so much that I bought it last month... ;)

I've sewed some purse linings with my machine and it didn't go too badly, I'm glad the dresses worked out as well.

And I can't wait to see your shawl! I bought that same yarn (different colorway) to make my grandmother a Sarcelle

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

I love the color changes in yarn. It's just very light maybe cobweb weight and it took me a little to get used to working with it. I think it's the finest yarn I have ever knit with.

inkberryblue said...

The dresses are very pretty and your sunflower doll is gorgeous. No wonder Abby loves it!
...and I agree, Abby is a sweetie.