Monday, May 18, 2009

the spindle

With all the knitting parts finish on the little sundresses and just the sewing parts to finish, I haven't had the energy after work to start sewing. I'm waiting for my day off to finish all the sewing. In the mean time I have been enjoying spinning on my spindles after work and just relaxing. In this picture the spindle is almost full to be equal to the other ball that I had already spun. I still have some fiber left over ..enough for a smaller skein probably.

This is what I worked on last night. Plying the 2 balls together. This is the first time I have plied yarn on a spindle. I have been spinning on the spindle and then plying on the wheel. I didn't think I would like plying on the spindle but you never know until you try something. I'm loving it and I like how the yarn is plying together. At this point I'm at about the half way mark to being finished. I can't wait. This will be my very first completely spindle spun skein of yarn..!!
My progress on the little glass flower spindle is below. I just love this spindle and the hand painted fiber is so silky and soft. I was planning on making a sock yarn.. but it feels so silky more suited for lace. I have to see the finished yardage and then I will decide. Maybe I wont use it at all and just look at it..(^_^) (click the pic for a bigger view)

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