Thursday, May 14, 2009

starting something new..

The little sunflower doll is in the mail on her way to her new home. That means it is time to start something new again. This will be a little sundress for Abby. The pattern is called the Two summer sundress. I hope she will get two summers use out of it. If not I can make the next size for next year. I'm making size 3. This project is pretty inexpensive. One ball of Lily sugar'n cream and one yard of fabric. I bought the fabric on on sale at Joanns. I took this picture earlier in the day and I'm knitting the straps already. I don't think I'll get to the sewing tonight but I might cast on the Two summer sundress #2 later and probably do all the sewing at the same time for both dresses.
My birthday is this month and that means that my drivers license will expire this month also. So I took time today to get it renewed. I was surprised at how fast I was in and out of there and also that I didn't need my glasses to take the eye exam. My perscription is very light and mostly for one eye so I was ok. The other surprise was that my picture actually came out decent too. I was expecting something terrible ... hehe.

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