Wednesday, May 20, 2009

old projects...

My good knitting buddy Elaine gave me this wonderful present for my birthday. It's a faux Fair Isle pattern yarn. I already have a specific pattern I'm going to use this for. It's the Sandi's squares sock pattern. I can't wait to start.. I would cast on today except for.....(see pictures below)

I have 2 projects that I actually started last year and have been trying to pick them up again and work on them but all kinds of things get in the way.. like Christmas knitting, work, more gift knitting.. more work..spinning.. so anyway I have actually finished all my gift knitting and don't want to start anything new although I do have some beautiful yarn and exciting patterns that I would cast on today.. instead I am going to finish these 2 projects. The flame socks and the Icarus shawl.. the shawl at this point is a challenge. I haven't worked on lace in a while and there are over 300 stitches on the needles at this point .. which is the last repeat of chart 1. This will be good practice before I start the next shawl that I purchased yarn for. Time to bite the bullet one more time and get these projects finished..!!!

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