Thursday, December 03, 2009

The 3 Prong Tool Lace Scarf Pattern

Machine knit
Machine: Singer 155 , 110 needle bed machine
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman wool
Yarn substitutes: any worsted weight wool yarn will work
Tension: 8.1
All stitches in the pattern are hand manipulated with a 3 prong tool.
RC = row counter
K = knit
CO= cast on
BO = bind off
CO 38 sts. Using the crochet cast on. ( 19<-0->19 ). K 1 row, drop comb, hang weights. I use 2 large weights.
K 1row. Set row counter to “0”.
Begin lace pattern and follow chart. Use a 3 prong tool to transfer sts. Start with the 3rd st. from the right edge, move sts. 17, 16, 15 to sts.16, 15, 14. Transfer all sts. on chart in the same direction moving across the machine from right to left side. K 2 rows and continue to work chart for as long as you want the scarf to be.

(click pictures to see full size image)
BO all sts. Using the crochet cast off. Wash and lightly block.
This scarf can be knit by hand using worsted weight yarn and size 9 needles. Just follow the chart. Purl the even # rows.
O= yo
/|\= sl, k2tog, psso ( slip 1 st, knit 2 sts. together, pass the slip stitch over)
This is a super fast and easy lace scarf perfect for a fast gift.
Adrienne (^_^)

pattern and images © Adrienne Medrano 2009


Tamara Gwathmey said...

thanks so much!!

Rox said...

Thanks for posting this! I needed a first real project after playing around with a new knitting machine. Coming into it as a long time hand knitting, I couldn't settle for something boring! This is just the right amount of challenge :) Thnxs!!

sharon said...

how do you print that pattern

Unknown said...

So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.


Unknown said...

Your scarf is very lovely and being a machine knitter I was planning on making it for a gift. In your written instructions it states (using the 3-prong tool) to move the 3rd, 4th & 5th stitch over one needle space and repeat across the needle bed, then knit 2 rows. But the chart shows moving 3 sts to the left and 3 sts to the right, then knitting one row. I'm afraid I'm a little confused on the instructions and the chart. Thank you.