Saturday, December 19, 2009

almost monkey socks

This will probably be the last project I will have time to finish before Christmas. Hopefully I will be able to finish them. For those that know me.. my brother is very sick and I flew up to Iowa to see him this week. I do not believe he is going to recover and actually took a turn for the worst while I was there. Knitting provided a bit of comfort during my traveling and my visits even though I didn't really get much done on the socks. He had wanted a red scarf for Christmas so I knitted one on the machine right before I left. He liked it. I flew back yesterday and spent most of the day in the airports and in the air. One of my flights was cancelled because of the snow in Chicago and I was re-directed to Dallas alone with everyone else. Lots of delays and cancellations.. lots of people waiting.. and finally I was home. I really have no Christmas spirit this year... I haven't done any Christmas shopping and only have a few presents knit. I'm hoping to find some time to knit a few scarves and arm warmers on the knitting machine. I was able to pick up the buttons for the little brown sweater for Abby on my trip. The funny thing about that is I bought them at Michaels Craft store in Iowa.Now I just need to wrap it up and mail it out.

(The socks are suppose to be Monkey socks but I couldn't find the right yarn.. so they are almost Monkey socks..)


Bonnie said...

Of course you're not in the Christmas spirit when you are worried about your brother. I'm sorry to hear he is worse.

The brown sweater is beautiful!!!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thanks Bonnie.. I'm surprised it actually turned out so well.I added the mods kind of willy nilly.