Wednesday, December 23, 2009

rush hour..!

Last night I worked my little fingers off trying to catch up on projects. I wont be finished before Christmas but I would like to try and get as far as I can. I started the heals on the socks and whipped up a ruffle scarf for my sister and some arm warmers in the same colors. The scarf took a few hours on the machine. I had to use the garter bar for all the decreases and reverse st. st. I washed it and laid it out to dry last night which made it nice and soft and opened the ruffles up. I think she will like it.


Bonnie said...

What a chic scarf! I'm sure your sister will love it.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

My sister asked for a ruffled scarf.. hopefully she will like it..

Nana Mary said...

Adrienne...the ruffle scarf is beautiful. I hope she liked it as well, if not send it my way. LOL

After all that has been going on, my prayer is that you have a blessed new year! I know this has been a tough year for you in some respects and you deserve better. God bless you! Miss you!