Thursday, March 18, 2010

mind boggling... 0.o'

Ok.. I have already ripped back this shawl so many times I lost count. There are 3 slightly different charts for the lace all seem to be missing one stitch or another. This shawl was written for a more instinctive lace knitter.. which I am not. I need it all spelled out stitch for stitch. But after all this ripping I'm getting a feel for how the leaves should develop. I have added my own little yarn over reminders of where I would like to start the new outside leaves and double yarn over in the center.. which I totally left out and had to rip back the first time.. or was that the second time. If I didn't think this shawl was so pretty I think I would have moved on by now.. but in my mind it seems to be do-able now.. Crossing my fingers and hoping I'll still say that when I start on the transition into chart 2 haha.

Yesterday my son bought this beautiful old accordion. It says it was made in Italy.. Cellini, Angela. It has a little wear and tear but still sounds wonderful. This is a 120 base button accordion. He was playing a yamaha with 18 base buttons so this is a step up. I get to listen to him play while I knit.. (^_^)

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