Friday, March 05, 2010

more than a week

I can't believe that over a week has gone by and I haven't posted anything. So unlike me. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments on my Little Tuffy pattern. I already put mine little tuffys to go use. My daughter really likes them and the smaller size is just right. I notice that using the yarn double makes them hold the suds better too. I like simple patterns especially for items that are used every day like dish cloths. I guess I'm a plain Jane kind of person.
As far as my knitting progress of the week.. there hasn't been much. Between work and cleaning the house and working out all the little kinks around here I have been kind of vegging out rather than knitting in my free time.. well there was also a shopping excursion to IKEA for some warmer bedding. My utility bill was enormous so we turned the temp down a little and the house got pretty chilly especially with this unusually cold weather we are experiencing in Florida. I can't count how many times it has gone below the 40 degree mark this winter. These Florida homes weren't designed for all this cold weather. So my daughter and I actually bought down comforters and duvet covers. No more waking up in the middle of the night cold for us. I got the lightest one and she got a little thicker one. Even the lightest down comforter is so warm and cozy. This is the Waterlily top from interweave knits. It looks super small but I tried it on and it actually fits well. I think its the ribbon yarn which has a little stretch once knit up. I am almost to the underarm. For some reason I have been having problems keeping track of this pattern. I think it is the way it's written. In one sentence they use "m" for marker six times and visually I loose which marker I have knit up to.. so I have to keep going over the same sentence again and again.. I think enlarging the pattern and using a magnetic chart keeper would probably help. o.0'

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