Thursday, March 11, 2010

More of the same....

Today I said to myself .. just do it.. just cast this thing off and have done with it. I'm sure you have felt like that before. For some unknown reason yesterday I got myself to work an hour early and sat in the break room and knitted. I was able to finish the top strap portion of the waterlily top . All that was left was sewing the straps together and then picking up all the stitches from the cast on and binding off. I worked on it last night after work and I ended up grafting the straps together and tucking in all the ends. That left the cast off for today. I tried the top on and it looks good but it rides up a little in the back, so I felt a little crochet at the bottom might remedy that. So right now I'm casting off as I crochet a little picot edging at the same time...We are getting some well needed rain today and it's very over cast and gray outside.. too much grayness today..

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