Tuesday, March 23, 2010

try it .. u might like it..

Friends at work have been talking about Guinness floats all week.. So we decided to try it. Maybe we should have added the whipped cream.. or maybe the ice cream was too hard. It was better when the ice cream melted and mixed with the Guinness. Someone mentioned that this is really good with cinnamon ice cream. We used french vanilla. It wasn't all that bad just weird...

The accordions are steadily multiplying daily in the house. There is now a little baby accordion. My son will be leaving next week to work up in New Jersey.. I will really miss the lovely sounds of his accordion when he is gone. His accordion music has become such a part of our daily life here. My grandson dances around the and the music just adds a wonderful atmosphere to the house. Good thing we have skype..

I had the day off yesterday... did the laundry.. paid some bills.. cleaned and mopped the kitchen and for the most part worked on my Frozen Leaves shawl until I couldn't see anymore. I'm up to 5 completed repeat which means I would have a total 6 leaf repeats. I'm not sure if I should try for one more 30 row leaf repeat. I'm not sure if that will give me enough yarn left over for the lace border and edging. As it is I will be using a different chart for the lace that is more complete than the one I'm using now and it starts on a different row then the chart I'm using does. I think I went cross eyed last night looking at all the charts and trying to figure out which repeat row to start the lace edging on. As least I got the leaf pattern down. I have to paint some shelves today, hem some pants ( because we short people always have to hem our pants) and help my daughter make some curtains.. then I can sit .. watch a movie and work on the shawl again. That gives me time to think about adding one more repeat of leaves or starting on the lace now..

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Bonnie said...

I'm not sure I would like a Guinness float, but I think it would be great to hear accordion music every day. Your shawl already looks gorgeous. Very pretty color!