Wednesday, May 05, 2010

wips of the day

Wips of the day. I've been casually spinning up this pretty batt over the last few days. Little by little I've been tearing off strips of colors trying to keep the strips one or two colors at a time rather than blending. Sometimes I get more colors in one strip because of the nature of the batt and in the middle is sandwiched lots of blue mylar.
I think I caught what ever Jayden had and have been pretty sick for the last 2 days. I feel somewhat better today but still not 100%. I rested most of the day yesterday and that probably helped a lot. I hate being sick and haven't been sick in a while. I was going to bring this to my knitting group last night and finish spinning there but that didn't happen. If there is enough yardage when I finish.. maybe I'll use this for a small shawl. As it is now it doesn't look like enough. Talking about shawls.. I now have 3 skeins of yarn and a few shawl patterns I would like to start but still can't decide. The group I joined on ravelry has a KAL every month and the shawl they chose this month is a bit more than I think I want to take on. It's the Echo Flower Shawl and here is a lovely picture of Kailill's finished shawl. I haven't completely ruled it out yet. I'm still considering it.

In the mean time.. while I try to make up my mind I started a crochet project. I bought the pattern on from Diane Langan. I'm using J&P coats Royale fashion crochet thread in tan and a size F crochet hook. The thread is very shinny almost like a purl cotton. So far I finished the 11 motifs at the bottom and now I'm starting the body of the cardigan. I wasn't able to find this pattern on ravelry yet. Maybe I'll listen to some audio books today while I work on project.

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Kai:) said...

Thank you for linking my shawl pic to your blog !This is surely a beautiful shawl and easy to make.As I see you have made very beautiful shawls therefore you have enough experience to make this one too ;)!
Warm greetings from Estonia!