Friday, August 24, 2007


The design wheels are turning again.. since I don't have a camera to take pictures today.. I decided to look at some of the items I have been designing this year. Little by little one by one I'm editing the patterns so that others will be able to follow them... I'm going to change the way I originally connected the crochet motifs with knitting on my reptilian shrug. I found a better way to do it that wasn't so complicated and it worked just fine...and I woke up this morning with more ideas for future projects to design that I'm just itching to work on ..

If u have noticed.. lately I haven't been finishing as many items as I usually do..this has partially to do with some personal matters that have been stressing me out lately and partially do to ravelry.. oo yes.. and it seems I'm not the only one that has this problem.. it's been mentioned a few times to me.. ravelry is really wonderful and has really helped me organize the projects I have completed.. it's the notebook I never took time to make of all my projects.. both knit and crochet.. the yarns I used .. the needles sizes and the dates in which I completed them. I don't know about u .. but I deviate quit a bit from the written pattern a lot and rarely make notations of what I did.. such a bad habit... now thanks to ravelry .. it's all there so neat.. I can actually see all the books I own too.. 0.0.. but all in all the draw back and the good part at the same time is that u can see what everyone else has in their notebooks too.. and omy.. I can spend hours and hours looking at all the beautiful projects people have finished... there is a lot of knitting going on in the world.. it's just amazing and really hard to imagine that many people making that many projects ... why just the quantity of socks alone that have been knitted is overwhelming.. you need never feel alone as a knitter anymore.. or weird.. the way it looks on ravelry... we might take over the world.. (do u remember pinky and the brain.. ) knitters unite and take over the world.. 0.0.. ok no more silly stuff.. ..Well I have plans on adding my fair share of knitted projects this year.. I have some special men in my life that need to keep warm this winter.. and some special girls.. and off course there are the babies.. I'm planning my Christmas knitting list.. that seems to have gotten larger than ever.. even though I had planned to cut down my holiday knitting.. oo well.. Ill need some good movies to watch while I knit.. yay for netflix..!!


Eve Shepherd said...

I am still on the waiting list for ravelry :( It sounds so neat though! I'm glad that you like it, I can't wait to try it. LOVE the camera, I've been thinking about getting a new one too.

And, of course, the knitting looks amazing! Always inspirational! See you on wow sometime! I'm busier than before so it's harder to get much play time but I'm there once and awhile. Miss you!

Pooch said...

Your creations are delicious!! What kind of yarn is in these pix and what are names of the pink palette you are using?

Love your work!


SylvChezPlum said...

Cool, I'm so glad you're working on a pattern for the reptilian shrug ! :-D