Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LarGeR ThaN LiFe..!!

Shew.. It's finally done.... I have to say this bag was a little more work intensive than I thought it would be when I started it.. and yes.. it's a fabulous size.. gigantic .. I foresee it full of lots of yarn for larger projects.. or maybe a few projects at a time... I'm pleased with how it turned out..

I also added some pockets as I have seen others do that have made this bag.. a large pocket for magazines or a book and pockets just the right size for needles.. unfortunately.. my camera has decided it wants a vacation or something right now.. there are some technical difficulties.. it might be the memory card.. hopefully that's all it is.. so until I find out the problem this is the last picture I could get out of it.. so sad.. the good news... I love that bag..(^_^)


m. said...

Love it! That fabric matches so nicely. :)

Miss you friend!

Eve said...

I like it! Great colors and nice size! :-)