Wednesday, August 29, 2007

modify ~MoDifY ~modify

Well.. there have been some changes... my blog is a bit more roomy... everything isn't squished up in the middle anymore... and a new image at the top.. the image was a spur of the moment thing and I might work on something different for the near future... this is the photo that was used for the image... can't u tell???.. so much pink.. (sorry Carmen) and thank u David (Grinder) for so kindly working on my blog for quite a while yesterday.. so much kindness lately.. must mean I have to pass on some kindness to others... like in the movie pay it forward ... while looking for this link I found out that there are real pay it forward movements.. humm.. this is interesting..I'm going to check it out after I finish this post..

Mean while there are more changes here... I made a boo boo on my ribbed baby jacket and decided to change it rather than rip it.. what I decided to do is change the 2x2 ribbing to a reverse cable rib.. I like it.. it has made the sweater a little more interesting to knit.. the boo boo I made was not increasing the right amount of stitches for the sleeves... and I could have ripped it out at that point because I wasn't too far along when I noticed it.. but I thought that maybe some ribbing added to the sleeves might look nice.. change it up a bit.. so I knit on.. and then I thought.. humm what if.. I did a different pattern instead of ribbing on both the sleeves and the front of the sweater.. yes.. that's it.. so.. many days have gone by.. as I contemplated different stitches that would fit into the number of stitches needed to be picked up around the front edge.. I got tired of trying to figure this out and put the sweater down for a day or 2.. and then it just came to me.. and "BAM".. reverse cable rib.. I need to do one more row of the cable twist and 3 rows more to finish it off..(I've been pretty stressed lately and it's showing in my knitting..I feel like I mutilated this sweater).. maybe I'll crochet something next.. 0.0'


Jerry Tjiputra said...

It looks really good.

Eve Shepherd said...

Love the new look! It looks great. :)