Thursday, August 30, 2007

biNding oFF

Today I finally bound off the front part of the sweater.. I like it.. but it's definitely not perfect.. It's supposed to be size 12-24 months... it looks big to me ... I did do a swatch and I am knitting to gauge.. so it must be a loose fitting sweater .. or.. maybe I'm just used to knitting itty bitty baby sweaters.... the yarn color is in between brown and grey.. although it does look grey in the pictures... I'm working on the sleeves now and should be done with this some time today.. woohoo!!

I like using a crochet hook to cast off. I think it makes a more uniform and neat finished edge.. if u have never done this.. it's very easy. Just use the crochet hook instead of your right hand needle.. knit one stitch.. knit the next stitch and pull it through the first loop on the crochet hook.. repeat to the end..

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