Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's a super hot.. humid..over bright day in florida's even hot in the air-conditioned room I sit in.. I have been working on my larger than life bag.. this point all the blocks are complete. . I picked out some fabric for the lining yesterday and just setting up to get this project done!!!... I'm going to dig through my fabric a little more before I settle on that one..

The bag might look something like this... I'm going to play with the blocks a little more for some fine what I have left to do is finish the side and bottom strip and tuck in all the ends then work on the sewing and attaching the lining... I see an end ... coming.. soon..This is the only project I've been working on lately and I really have been work pretty slow.. I going through some major life changes right now that are rather stressful and will probably be selling my house in a couple months.. I'm trying to get my wip's out of the way while I still have time to work on them... and plan to make a few Christmas presents.. I'm only making a few this year... I need to cut back on my knitting work load for a bit.. that doesn't mean I wont be knitting.. probably just not as much as usual..

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